Heroic Vineyards

London, England
17th February 2022

Volcanic vines, high altitude vines, vines over 18 meters high, terraced vines overlooking the sea, ice wines, desert wines, December 31st harvests, wines of the sands, those aged at high altitude under the snow or at the bottom of the sea… From one side of the world to the other, some “heroic” vine-growers cultivate vines in extreme situations, in atypical climates, they save forgotten or disappeared vines, they dare to adopt different wine-making methods and create new wines, but, prinarily, they safeguard unique territories, heritage of everybody.

Italy has the most extraordinary artistic heritage in the world, but also of country festivals, patronal feasts, culinary traditions and, if not enough, the largest production of biodiversity in viticulture among all the Mediterranean countries. Heroic Vineyards Selection wants to pay homage to this original and beautiful Italy, to its impervious lands cultivated with vines that make it unique. Lands which, thanks to the tenacity of some small and great vine-makers, are capable of giving us extraordinary and unique wines, as opposed to the photocopy-wines which are spreading in every corner of our planet.

Heroic Vineyards Selection wants to make known these original and beautiful lands cultivated with vines that make them unique, presenting a selection of “heroic” wineries and their best production.