Knowing the British Market


Having knowledge of the UK market is essential to plan any goal you want to achieve. Britaly understands the factors that affect the market, how it behaves, and the needs and habits of the catering world, retail GDO, wholesalers, distributors, chain restaurants, delis, and so on. Thanks to a dense network of established contacts, the Britaly team have fast and effective access to the key market players.

Market Opportunities

The biggest problem today is that traditional distribution channels such as wholesalers, distributors and major chains, no longer have the capacity to absorb the growing number of producers emerging in these markets. This inability is creating a barrier to the delivery of excellent new Italian produce. Paradoxically, however, this situation is creating great spaces and opportunities for producers who are able to plan a winning market strategy. The popularity of excellent Italian produce is constantly growing; and Britaly – which has the dynamism and expertise to forge a way for emerging companies – is the ideal partner to guide you through the process and transform your company into a successful market player.