Italian exports – products of excellence


When an Italian manufacturer exports its products in today’s foreign market, it brings concrete opportunities for expansion and a winning alternative to the internal market, which is going through an unprecedented slump.  Access to new markets and new consumers has thus become an absolute necessity in order to survive and thrive, by opening new channels and expanding one’s customer base.  Britaly provides support in all aspects of the export process, explaining procedures, making suggestions and preparing producers for the necessary paperwork.  Britaly also assists companies in opening new branches in Britain.

Are you ready for the market?

When small to medium-sized producers plan to enter new foreign markets, the expansion opportunities are endless. In reality, markets, regardless of the opportunities they offer, do not automatically guarantee the desired results and can often be a minefield to the untrained eye. However, with Britaly’s guidance – including careful preparation, clearly defined goals, the identification of niche markets and the differing sales channels such as distributors, the GDO, catering and competition – the chances of success are optimised. There are also a number of other major hurdles, for example, identifying your target customers, their needs, the most popular products, the best packaging, format, colour and price. With Britaly’s invaluable experience, we are able to help steer your company’s ship on this difficult voyage.