The Fairs Sector in the UK


Notwithstanding their long history, fairs remain an indispensable tool. They provide an immediate route to potential customers, whether it be organised distribution channels or retail. Fairs are becoming increasingly popular, but they are often of poor quality and it is thus important to choose events that are suitably specialised and historically well-established. It follows that participation is worthwhile only if it follows careful analysis of the market, allowing you to identify exactly who will be attending, what proportion of the attendees will be potential customers, what they buy and at what volume and prices, whether there is a preference for regional products, what the local regulations and necessary certifications are and what type of labelling to use. Equally, it is crucial to be ready with immediate product availability and efficient logistics, in order to capitalise on your event. These are just some of the pitfalls that Britaly will help you navigate.


Britaly specialises in organizing B2B events for the promotion of agri-food and wine of Italian excellence, showcasing the territory of origin. Show Cooking, Pop-Up, Master Class, Chef Contest and Street Food are just some of the highlights of Britaly’s consolidated promotion model, hosting innovative events in the most exclusive of locations. Britaly employs direct collaboration between the most representative organisations of the sector in question and an extensive network of contacts with importers, wholesalers, agents and buyers, who make direct purchases of products for their kitchens, restaurants, supermarkets and gourmet delicatessens. Dealing directly with the event organisers, Britaly offers carefully targeted and customised solutions to meet its customers’ every need.